Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

The 4th of July up here in Small Town USA is kind of a big deal. It always feels so at home and there are tons of stuff to do (well, compared to normal ha ha). It started off Saturday the 2nd in Joseph City at their annual 4th of July day in the park. They have a couple booths with people selling breads and baked goods, lots of little 25 cent games, a horseshoe tournament, a volleyball tournament, and a couple of things going on.

Kyle's nieces and nephews always gets a volleyball team together so the adults sat in lawn chairs watching the tournament while the older kids took the young kids out to play. We found out that London loves to eat snowcones. She would crawl up to anyone with a snowcone and beg for more. She finally found Ashley who gave her as much as she wanted.

Macy rode on a pony for the firs time. She had a blast and I was nervous the entire time. She kept sliding to the right and I kept being paranoid she was going to fall off. She didn't fall off and she had a great time.

The 4th we start the day by going over to Marie's house for breakfast and to hang out with some of Kyle's siblings. Mike just got a new iPad so Macy had to give him some lessons.

We headed over to the park for the big kids to play soccer and for the little kids to get some of their energy out.

Then we were off to Brian and Jane's (Kyle's brother and sister-in-law) to have a barbeque and hang out until it was time to go to the fireworks. The food was great and it's always fun to hang out with my in-laws. I love them! We recently got a new camera so Mike helped Kyle a little bit with shutter speed and stuff so we could take some cool firework pictures. We got some cool ones of the sparklers but I think we get too close to get really good ones of the fireworks- next year we'll try and get better ones! It was a great Independence Day!

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