Thursday, January 13, 2011

Macy is Two!

Oh Miss Macy is now a big two year old! Her bithday is January 13th so she's been two for about two months! That's also of two's! I don't have any pictures of her birthday part though :( I'll have to get some from my Mom :) She is such a little pistol, and we wouldn't have it any other way. She LOVES her Daddy, which is why I'm fine with London being a Mommas girl. She is a strong willed little girl, any thing that happens has to be on her terms or no terms at all. You'll ask her if she wants a drink and she says No. Two seconds later "Momma- drink?". Like "MOM! I had a GREAT idea! I should get a drink!" Her vocabulary gets better and better each day. Kyle went to pick her up from nursery and they commented that last week she hardly said anything and now she's just talking up a storm. Two weeks ago we were at Kyle's Moms for dinner and apparently Macy was talking to Marie (but no one else was aware of that) and Marie walked out of the room. Macy let her know by saying "HEY! Come back here! I was talkin' to you" See- strong willed ha ha. We love her so much and she makes life so fun. She is really into "dinosaurs" (The Land Before Time) and loves the part where they say "Don't step on a crack or you'll fall and break your back" so most of the time she wants to hop where ever we go, usually in public of course. She reminds me to have a little fun in life among all the hussle and bussle. She LOVES to dance. At play practice she jumps right in with the girls and tries to dance like them.

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