Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Must-Haves

What are your top 10 must-haves if you're getting ready for a baby to arrive?
Come up with a list in your mind, and lets compare!
Let me know what you would have added or something that you thought was a "necessity" but didn't use...

1. A Infant/Toddler Tub. With my first I didn't have one, I just used the bathtub and an infant seat thing. This thing saves SO much more water and I love that she just fits right in it.
2. A Recliner. Again, I didn't have one with Macy and I'm glad we splurged a little and got one!
3. Lullaby Classics. I LOVE this CD. When we're in the car and the girls are screaming/super tired, this CD usually puts them to sleep within 5 minutes.
4. I haven't had a single diaper rash last more than a day with this invention!
5. Baby Center. I love all the information they give you. And, if you're bored enough, they have "community" websites that let you talk to people who have kids your age or are due around the same time. The ladies on these communities are CrAzY and it helps me to know that even though I feel crazy, at least I'm not as crazy as them :)
6. A swing. I am SO glad my babies like their swings. This keeps naps longer and I get more stuff done around the house- LOVE my swing.
7. A Bumbo! It allows your "not quite ready to sit up yet" baby be able to go where you go- even onto the kitchen counter! (Even though on the instructions it says "not for use on evelated surfaces" oh well I guess I just can't sue them if she falls off.)
8. A Wrap! I wrap my babies. They sleep. Coincidence? Maybe, but I think not.
9. A Co-sleeper!! It goes right next to your bed so baby is RIGHT there when it's time for feedings or for just when their paci comes out of their mouth. I would prefer this over a bassinet any day.
10. My Brest Friend. Breast feeding went... actually it didn't "went" (ha ha) with Macy. This time around I had a Brest Friend it was was a life savor in trying to learn how to nurse. There is back support as well as a harder-then-a-boppy padding on the front that keeps baby at the right height. I LOVED the little pocket off the front too, you can carry around your cream and all the little odd and end things that you need when learning to breast feed. Loved it.

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