Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I can do anything better than You!

I have found something out about myself that I will blame on my pregnancy that I'm not really proud of, but I'll learn to handle it better.

I get irritated with dumb people really easily.

Not really dumb people, but dumb things they say.
I say "dumb" and not "stupid" because I really believe that they don't know any better, and I think that's more irritating then anything.

I hate when someone has something happy to say, or simply a comment- and some one else has to top it.
For example- if I said "I ate 5 hamburgers, I'm full" this type of person would respond "I had 10 hamburgers." Quite frankly- I don't care if you had 10 hamburgers! You probably don't care that I had 5- but it doesn't matter because we're talking about me- not you- and 5 is a big deal for me!

I just don't like it when people knock down other peoples accomplishments to someone make them seem less important. I actually had someone tell me that me graduating with 1 child wasn't that big of a deal because they did it with 4.
It bugs me.
Kyle and I call them I-walked-on-the-moon-people. (If you've seen Brian Regean it makes it even better). I can't wait for the day that I'm really irritated and someone tries to top me so I can give them a good, loud, probably kinda rude but nonetheless
"Oh ya?! Well I walked on the moon!"


Kathy said...

Alli- I love you :)

Zachary Nalder said...

Zach always quotes him. HAHA! i totally agree. (Caitlin)

Carbonneau said...

it is a skill to listen to what other people have to say. I think this is what people are not doing when they try to top another person. I try really hard to listen because I really think I talk too much. I hope that I have never brushed you off and topped you in this way, and I am not saying that I did, but I know it is really hurtful when people just aren't getting what you said. Then again, it is annoying when people just toot their own horn w/o caring how it makes the other person feel...(I am not saying you do this!), but it sure is nice when you meet people on the happy medium side. :) so glad to have you as not only a sister, but a friend too!

Whitney said...

Well I'm pretty sure my pregnancy and labor and delivery were WAY more difficult than yours because my baby was bigger. :) I kid... I'm totally right there with you. Just because someone has done what you did doesn't make what you have done any less amazing. YOU are awesome, and like Kati, I'm glad to have you as a friend. I hope I can do what you did half as well as you.