Monday, May 3, 2010

What will I do?! Oh ya- CRAFT!

Graduation is Friday, and I have one final left. To be honest, I've kind of been putting off the final because it's weird to be that I'll be done after I take it. Bitter-sweet I suppose. What will I do after I graduate?! Well, besides add a new baby to the family. I love to make things and I've been searching Etsy for things to make that will keep me busy :) So far I am making a quilt that will match our front room so I can put it on the back of our brand spankin' new recliner that will be here on Saturday! Yay for a rocking/recliner, the one we currently have is.. well.. it's time for a new one :).

I found this SUPER cute diaper bag for a baby doll which will be PERFECT for a "I'm a big sister" present for Macy when the baby comes... and her Grandma C has already offered to make it :) It's a diaper bag, changing pad, burp cloths, diapers, bibs, and a wipy case with felt wipes that go into it. Adorable, I know.
Macy had a car seat canopy, but I'm thinking the Baby Girl will need her own :) Just like this one...
I've made 3 quiet books so far and we got the patterns for 10 more :) I have a feeling I won't make them all, but more quiet books are definitely in our future!
And my FAVORITE project! This will be Macy's Christmas present, a little far off I know, but there is nothing bad about planning ahead.
Isn't it ADORABLE?! I love it. It's a fort, it goes on a card table. I'm thinking we're going to do a kitchen and living room on the inside walls with a fridge that opens with food inside- Oh my goodness I'm so excited! Of course my mom will help with probably all of these projects :) Yay for crafty, awesome Mom's! Kyle is very excited for the fort and says that there has to be lots of secret compartments :) I think he wants his own :)