Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm a Big Girl now!

The stars are aligned in the Gardner house tonight! I have my computer, camera, the camera cord, and my memory all at the same time!! Updating WITH pictures. I know- shocker, you can breathe now.
Here are some new things Macy has been up to...

Miss Macy is getting such a little mind of her own. She already wants her own computer. I told her it's going to have to wait till she can at least say "computer" but good thing we're teaching her the difference between Mac and PC now :)

The dogs have taken a new liking to laying on Macy while we travel. Good thing she doesn't really mind.

Macy is in love with coloring. I think it's adorable how she holds the pencil like a big person!

Aw- and this is just a super cute one. Our big 16 month old :)

She is into climbing. On. Everything. She found out how to climb up on Grandma Gardners couch and get the cookie jar from the table. And how to climb on the kitchen counter to get to the basket of candy. Must be her father's daughter.

She absolutely LOVES to be outside with the dogs. The big dog is Buck. We were dog sitting him.
Cute lil' Rockstar.

This is from the cruise- thought I'd throw one of those in for ya.

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Jodie said...

I can't believe I never commented on these pictures. I LOVE the one of Macy holding the pencil. She is such a love bug! I just want to kiss those cheeks of hers.