Friday, January 15, 2010

Macy turns ONE!

 I can't believe Macy is already a year old! For her party we had my family from the valley come up, my Grandma and Grandpa Bochat, my Uncle Greg, Kyle's Mom, Lorin and Lisa Larsons, The Farrs, and Kyle's nephews Brandon, Garret, Tyler, and Kendall and their Mom and step-Dad Heidi and Steve.  My mom helped me make some cute cupcakes, we had Mr. G's and we really just hung out and chatted.

The day after her party the boys were supposed to go skiing but the snow wasn't very good, so they hung out at our house and we went and showed them the sites around Holbrook. We went to Jim Grey's Rock Shop and the Petroglph Park for a little hike. That night we played some Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution, and Mario Kart.

This is my Dad and Brelee. 
Travis and Brelee
Macy, Steven, Travis, Wesly, and Meghan. 
Mom and Dad
Wely, Derek, and Travis 

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