Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She's walking!

I absolutely love the stage that Macy is in right now. She is almost a year old and she is learning so much. She has recently started walking- she tries to walk everywhere. She hasn't tried walking over the step into the kitchen though, so she will walk till she gets to it then start crawling. Yesterday she was in the living room and I was in my bedroom doing my hair and she walked across the house 2 or 3 times. She's so big! She has started to dance, to anything! She loves music and will rock back and forth and clap her hands ::right now she is watching winnie the pooh while dancing to the music :):: So cute! She is done with baby food- she doesn't want it. Sometimes I can get her to eat it if she's really hungry, but other than that she wants nothing to do with it. We got her ears pierced on the January 1st and she did amazingly well! She winced a little when they did it and made a little sound, but they gave her a sucker and she was totally fine.

It's a little sad to see my baby getting bigger- now I understand how all the moms before me felt when they said that- but it's so fun to see her learn new things almost every day.
We love our little Macy Girl!

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Kathy said...

Down the hall a couple times!? Dang! She is soo cute! Love that girl!