Saturday, October 20, 2007

Super Saturday!

This week was again, hectic as usually! I (it's alli haha) got to teach a kindergarten class this week and it was so much fun! I did have to remind a little boy a few times that I was the teacher, but I'm going back this week also so I think we'll do better :). Kyle is getting ready for his upcoming fall concert, so he had me come to the school and watch a dress rehearsal and tell the kids what i thought they needed to work on, and they are going to do an excellent job, I'm really proud of him :).
Yesterday, Kyle's school had a football game that his band had to play at.. so he was at the school until about 9:30 yesterday.. they made it into the state finals and it was their first game, they beat them 80-12.. they killed! So day we thought we would take it easy and relax! Between work and school we don't really have that much time to hang out with each other and go play, so I decided today we were going to play instead of watch football all day :)
We started off our morning with some Denny's (yes- Holbrook has a Denny's.. no panda express.. but Denny's haha) and we started driving around Holbrook. My Grandpa Carbonneau is buried in the Cemetery here so we went to go find it.. we walked around for about 45 with no luck.. we started walking into the Veterans section and i told Kyle that he wouldn't be in there so we turned around and left... I called my dad later to see where it was and he said "its in the Veterans section" ;) Maybe I should have followed Kyle's lead afterall.
I didn't really want to go home, and there aren't any stores around here... so I decided we would go house shopping today! Not really shopping to buy, but to look. We found a really cute house in Holbrook that I really like.. it's clean, wood floors, tiny but enough for us and we called on it and it's only 109,000... you can't even find that in the valley anymore! haha. too bad we're not ready to buy one yet.
Next Kyle decided we would go look at the petroglyphs (the Indian scratches on rocks), and we had brought our puppy Zeus with us so we figured it would be good for him to run around. The indian scrathes were on these HUGE rocks so we had to go climb a bunch of huge bolders and such, but it was really fun! Zeus ran and ran with us and climbed the rocks really well- I was proud :) He's been laying down chillin' all day- which is totally unlike him, so we think he got a good workout.

That was our super saturday in Holbrook :). Not much, but enough :)

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