Friday, June 23, 2017

Swim Lesson and STEM

June has been a blast! I got to go to Girls Camp (!!!) this year. It was so much fun! I was a 4th-year cabin mom with a friend of mine, Marr-Rhyzle. The theme this year was Anchored in Christ and all things sea and nautical. They did an amazing Faith Walk on Monday night with meeting with Peter and then a beautiful section with a life-size picture of Christ where the girls could ponder on their thoughts about Christ. I got to be in charge of Skit Night (woot-woot) and I was SO nervous about it. Skit Night is always famous for being the best and most fun night- which is so hard to have those expectations for! We actually ended about an hour early and decided to teach the girls a dance from EFY to fill in the time. It was a blast and the girls all loved it. By the end of the week, I was really excited to see Kyle and the kids. The kept down the fort at home and just hung out.

The 19th the kids started Swim Lessons. I am happy to report- we have two swimmers!!! It has been a long journey to get these girls this far, but they are doing SO well in swim lessons. Macy is a really good doggie paddler, but I'm okay with that. If she fell into the pool she would survive. London is a pro at swimming underwater and can hold her breath for a really really long time. She still has trouble coming up for air, but with a little strength she'll get that down pretty good. Bentley has a new teacher this year and is responding really well to him. Hopefully, he's our next swimmer. This year I didn't get the kids all in the same time slot so we let Macy and London play in the baby pool while Bentley does his lesson and vice versa. We have a little water baby with Ella and I'm really hoping she stays that way. This year started taking her first steps a few days ago (YAY Ella!!) and just climbs into the baby pool and starts trying to walk around!

Macy was invited to do a STEM Garden Club this year during the summer time. They had 8 meetings in June and learned all about Gardening and what a Garden needs. She had a blast and I was glad she got to do something a little extra this summer. The last day was a meet and greet where the parents were invited to see what the kids had learned. They showed us all about the parts of plants, the different minerals plants need to go, how composting works, all about worms, how to transplant plants, and how to dehydrate fruit. At the end, we came home with lots of yummy snacks and a new flower pot. 

Last night the kids and I tagged along with Kyle and the YM and YW to the Reidheads Pond to have a little cookout and swim in the water. The pond is a little water reservoir that they use to irrigate with and it surrounded by tons of fields. It's so pretty out there and the kids had a great time. There was a little dock that London was super brave and jumped off of a few times. I'm so glad they are getting less and less scared of the water!

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