Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fresh Start!

Let's be real. 4 kids is hard. Hard if you want to get everything done that you used to do when you only had 3. I have *finally* gotten Ella to take naps in her crib (it was a LONG 7 months of holding her every time she slept) and I'm getting the hang of 4 kids. Ella is almost a year so I'm taking that as a win, it's the little things right? One of the things that has gotten push to the back burner since Little Ella has joined our family is obviously our blog. Which makes me so sad, because our blog is really what as turned into our Family History and journaling for me. With Kyle off for the summer and Bentley going into Kindergarten- (I KNOW, CRAZY!!) I'm going to do a fresh start and try to get back into blogging on a regular basis. I'm going to do one long post to catch up on the highlights of the past 5 months and then join right into what's going on in our lives right now.

February was filled with quiet family time, Bentley killin' it at Legos, the Jr. High musical "Peter Pan", taking the big kids to Matilda, Ice Skating, and just livin' life. It was a good one.

In March we had our Choir Tour. The kiddos went to Buckeye to hang out with my parents and Kyle and I took 70 people to Universal Studios (Harry Potter World!!), Disneyland, California Adventure, and Finding Neverland the Musical. Disneyland was packed, the food was fabulous, and the kids did great for my mom. I also got called to be our Ward Primary President.

May was nice and jammed pack with a dance recital (Bentley and London is so good! Macy decided she wanted to do dance again next year. She took this year off and started piano lessons.), choir concerts, Kindergarten transition day (I'm still in denial), London promoting to 1st grade, Father and Sons camping trip (Bentley's highlight of the year), the last day of school and the start of one fun-filled summer!

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