Monday, August 17, 2015

Bentley's 3!

Sometimes I hate technology :(. I think all Bentley's birthday pictures got deleted. We had a cute little birthday party for him and invited some friends over. We had leftover hamburgers from Kyle's choir camp that was going to go to waste, so we had a BBQ and invited a few friends over for dinner and cake. I asked Bentley what kind of party he wanted and all he said was "blue". He wanted a blue cake and birthday decorations. I went to the dollar stores around and rounded up some party decorations and he had a blue cake- easy peasy! The birthday boy got to come home with a cute little Happy Birthday crown on his first day of school. He is so excited to be 3- he tried to up it when people ask how old he is. His normal response is 5 or 6. After a few seconds he says "I'm 3. Just 3." He seriously is the cutest little boy. He gets away with a lot at our house just out of his pure cuteness. Seriously, it's probably going to become a problem. He is such a loving boy- he always tells us how much he loves us and is just sweet. He has the softest heart. If he hurts someone or does something wrong he always says he's sorry without prompting. Potty training has been a struggle compared to Macy and London, but it's much better since he started preschool. He still has his accidents though. We were at a football game watching Kyle Ref and he tells me he really needs to go potty. We ran around trying to find a bathroom when he starts the penguin walk- we didn't make the bathroom. I took him back to the van to figure out what to do when he looks at me with the sweetest eyes and says "I sorry Momma, I sorry." It's just adorable and so sweet, you can't possibly have any amount of anger toward this kid. We LOVE our Bentley. Love love love.

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