Sunday, August 16, 2015

2015-2016 School Year

This is kind of a big school year for us! All there kids are in school! Macy just started 1st grade, London is in 4yr old preschool, and Bentley is in 3 year old preschool. London and Bentley each go 3 days a week, three hours a day. Two of those are on the same day which means I get two mornings a week all to myself! I'm not gonna lie- I'm kind of loving it. Another new thing this year is I'm back on the substitute teacher list! I really just want to sub a few days a week and so far it's be going very smoothly. We are loving it. 

Bentley is pretty obsessed with his stuffed giraffe and after a lot of conversation we finally agreed that he could take it in his backpack- but he couldn't take it out at school. The first day he tried to take it out and his teacher made him put it back and we haven't had any problems since then.

 Since Kindergarten here is full day, moving up to first grade wasn't that big of a change. She has a brand new teacher and almost a completely new class, but the school and times are the same. She told me the other day she misses Kindergarten and her old teacher but I'm sure she'll say the same thing about 1st grade when she goes into 2nd. Her teacher this year is Mrs. Radzanowski. They just call her Mrs. Rad :)
 After we walked Macy to her classroom and dropped her off it was Bentley's turn to go. He's been looking at this playground for the past 2 years wanting to go to preschool so he was very excited.
 We walked into the classroom and he just went right over to the toys- didn't care about me much at all. He is loving Preschool. London's actual first day of school was the day after these kids. She is in the 4yr old class with Mrs. Ceccareli and loves it. We are lucky to have such a cheap/fantastic preschool program here. It's part of the joy that comes from living in a small town- in the valley there is no way we could afford to send just one to preschool let alone both.

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Jodie said...

I love this! Em had to take heartsie, (her blanket,) in her backpack for pre-k. I kind of miss those days. :)