Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 8- Pennsylvania

June 22nd we were heading to Kellie's house in Pennsylvania. Our flights were all leaving at different times (Kyle and I= 6:30am, Kellie=9:30am, and Marie=10:30am) so we all left the hotel at different times. The flight into Philedelphia went pretty smooth, but when we got to the terminal to go to Scranton they made an announcement that the places were overbooked and they needed volunteers to go to Binghmton instead. as compensation they would a $350 voucher for flights. We jumped on that offer and now had $700 in place vouchers and tickets to a different airport then Marie and Kellie. Luckily, Binghmton was closer to Kellie's house then Scranton so her Father-in-law Wayne came and picked us up. Kellie's husband Karl in in charge of the Priesthood Restoration Site in Susquehanna so we got to stop by there and get a tour. It is still in construction so it was pretty cool to get a tour of what the general public can't see yet. We spent a few hours there and then went back to the Kellie's house to meet up with the family.  Here is the chapel/visitors center building that is almost completed in this picture. We went back a few days later and I'll post pictures of the historical houses then. :)

 After Kellie and Marie made it home we went and got some ice cream. I was done with sweets and just had a few bites of Kyles.

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