Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 4- NYC

One thing that was on the top of my "must do" list was to eat at a waffle truck. I had read some reviews before we went and decided that Wafles and Dinges was the place to go. It was on a corner in Central Park so we got on the Subway and headed to it. I got the liefe wafle with strawberries and nutella. It was so yummy! Kyle got some fancy one with ice cream and he loved his too. Marie hooked us up with some bike guys that gave us a tour around Central Park which was really fun!


 After waffles and the bike tour we walked around the area and see sights around the area. We stopped at St. Patricks Cathedral where the Pope visited America for the first time. They were cleaning so we didn't see all of the inside but what we did see what pretty amazing. It was kind of weird because they were having a Mass while tourist were walking in and out- I'm sure that would be pretty distracting.
 Next we stopped at the Rockafeller Center and Kyle had to at least get a picture with the Jimmy Fallon sign. We tried to get tickets to Jimmy but we got put on the waiting list and never made it off. We ran over to a little restuarant across from the Phantom of the Opera for lunch and then headed back over to the theater to see our 3rd Musical- The Phantom of the Opera. This musical was a little different for us- because we got a backstage tour! Seriously! Kelly knew some one, who knew some one that knew a guy that played The PHANTOM. He hasn't played in a few months- but still really cool! He asked us what we wanted to see and just showed us all around the sets and in the backstage area. This is a photo of us in the wig room- so cool! I asked them what they used to keep beards on their faces since we have used glue and he gave me a sample of the stuff they used called topstick that is basically double sided tape.

 Next up was Grand Central Station. So HUGE and SO many people! We had heard a lot of things about how amazing the Shake Shack was and treated ourselves to some dinner in the Grand Central Station.
 On our way back to Broadway for another musical (number 4!!) we noticed the line for the jumbotron was super short and hoped in. It wouldn't be authentic without a crazy man in the picture- for reals, that's a man.

Next up was Something Rotten! It's a totally original Broadway Musicals. New ideas, music- everything. It was amazing! We loved it. It was kind of a parody of other musicals so it had all kinds of one liners that played into other musicals- it was really cool how they tied them all together. It was definitely worth the watch!

And here are all the musicals we went to in 2 days! We saw a show in every time slot we possibly good!

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