Saturday, January 31, 2015

Macy's 6th Birthday!

Macy just had her 6th birthday party. SIX?! Really??! I still can't believe this beautiful, spunky girl is 6 years old. There is really only one option when it comes to themes these days for a 6 year olds birthday party. Frozen it was. 
 I can do all the planning, baking, and decorating when it comes to the kids birthday parties, but when it comes right down to entertainment- Kyle is the go-to guy. As the kids were coming in he pulled up Just Dance and let the kids do their thing. The girls were all for dancing to the one and only "Let It Go", but the boys parked it right on the couch.
 ... all the boys except Joey that is.
 When all the kids got there Kyle pulled out his best party game... Duck, Duck, Goose.

After about 40 minutes of games the kids were nippin' at the bit for some cake and ice cream so into the kitchen we went.

AFter the sugar rush the kids settled themselves right in front of Macy has she opened lots of exciting and fun new gifts, her favorite being a huge Elsa doll and a diary with horses on it. A girls dream. If I remember anything about this party it would be how loud ten 6 year olds can be. I've learned my lesson and now completely understand why my Mom limited my parties to 5 of my closest friends.
Happy Birthday Macy-Girl! We sure love you.

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