Saturday, January 31, 2015

Around the House

Christmas Break flew by way to fast at our house. The best thing about school breaks is not only is Macy home, but Kyle gets to be home the whole time too. Just like any career there are certain drawbacks, but this is one thing that we love about Kyle being a teacher. With a new year rolling in, it was time to check out how much everyone has grown! It is so fun to see how much the kids have grown and to see where they are in comparison to the older kids when they were their age. London is right at where Macy was when she was 4 and Bentley is about an inch shorter then London :)

Everyone was excited to play with Kyle's new lens- Macy even got in on the action. She loves playing with the camera when we'll let her.

Kyle ventured out one cold Saturday morning to go help clean the church. Not really sure why we didn't join him but the kids were all sleeping in and I wasn't going to mess with that. I love when the trees have a gentle frosting of snow, it's so pretty! We haven't seen much weather this winter- well, we didn't see much in the summer either, but it's been pretty mild. I think it's only snowed about 3 times which is okay with me!

I love this one of Bentley. Just being a boy.

 This is why you're supposed to blog right after things happen- these three got in trouble for SOMETHING but I can't remember what :/. Obviously Macy and Bentley felt much worse then London did.
 My kids have always loved to be creative with paints, playdoh, makers, and whatever else crayola I would give them. London is right at the painting sweet spot and Bentley is right at that "i don't get why I can't paint EVERYTHING" spot. We compromise and London can paint when Bentley takes a nap. That leaves a whole lot of "Can Bentley take a nap now?!" in our house.

 School started back up and we missed this girl at home. She still doesn't mind her homework, which I'm grateful for. This morning she woke up and I reminded her that we didn't do homework last night. She hoped off the couch and said "Well I guess we better do it now!".

 London and Bentley are little BFF's right now and pretty much do everything together. It is so cute watching them teach each other and learn from one another. Bentley doesn't really get how to use the mouse on the computer yet so when he asks to play I ask London to be his hands. He tells her where he wants to go and she does all the clicking away. They picked Starfall on this particular day and learned all about sign language. If Bentley didn't understand how to do his hands then London would move his hands for him. They were having a blast.

Aside from Macy's birthday, which will have a whole blog of it's own. We took January pretty easy. It was nice and peaceful.

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