Sunday, April 6, 2014

Conference Morning

I always get so excited for conference. Not only do we get to hear the words of the Prophets and any other exciting news going on in the Church worldwide, but we get to have church in our jammies! What more could you want?! Well, only half of church in our jammies. We've tried to make it a point to dress up and go to the chapel for at least one session for conference but this year one of the kiddos wasn't feeling well so we decided to just stay home. This morning started out like this...

Our routine kind of goes like this... London wakes up Kyle, he puts a show on for her and gives her some cereal, Bentley wakes up, London gets him out of his crib, then goes out to watch some cartoons with the girls. This particular morning it didn't go so well, so Bentley came and laid with me in bed instead.

I love when he comes and lays with me. He usually stays for 10-15 minutes until he says he's hungry, then I get up and make the kids some real breakfast. Kyle probably has a different version of that, but that's my morning :)

I don't know about the rest of those that watch General Conference, but sometimes it's hard for me to stay away the whole time. Of course the words are amazing and there are awesome messages- but if you put me anywhere quiet for 4 hours I'm bound to sleep. To keep me awake I like to do busy work. I've really been trying to learn how to do the girls hair in different ways and since I had some time I decided to take another stab at braiding. I love this way London's hair turned out!

 BentBent was feeling a little left out so we did something fun for him.
With a family with two girls we go through a lot of bows around here. Conference was the perfect time to put my fingers together for some busy work and stock up on some bows. They turned out pretty good!

While doing all the busy work, I really loved the general messages of conference. I've mentioned this to Kyle before, but I really feel like the messages of conference lately have really been to be spiritually prepared. For a while we went through being physically prepared with food storage and savings, but now the war is all on a spiritually level. There were several talks about how we need to be converted to the Gospel of Christ and not just go with the motions. I also appreciated the talks about how to protect the family and our home. This world is becoming more and more accepting of things that aren't acceptable to our Heavenly Father and will not bring us true happiness. As these things become more prominent in our society is it even more important that we know good from evil and right from wrong and not just what is legal and illegal. I love the reminders and wisdom that comes from general conference. It gives me hope and confidence and that war as already been won, we just have to decide whether or not we will be on the winning team. I have a testimony that we have living prophets on the Earth today and those witnesses words and the same as the Lords. We are so lucky.

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