Sunday, April 13, 2014

All-State 2014

Every year each High School Region has what's called Regional Choir and Auditions. His students audition for Regionals to make it into the Choir and if they make Regionals they get to audition for All-State. The All-State Choir only lets 50 kids in each section, which really isn't a lot considering how many kids actually audition (hundreds!). This year one of his students Savana Shumway made All-State and her sister Cierra made it as an alternate. The All-State Choir lasts 3 days and this year was in the valley. I usually take this opportunity to go hang out with my Mom in Buckeye. 

I had a few errands I needed to run so while we were there we headed off to the mall to take my wedding ring in for it's 6 month check-up. Each time I take my ring in I'm a little nervous that it's going to have a loose stone or something and it would have to be sent into a local jeweler for a week or so. I handed the lady my ring and after checking it out she let me know that the center stone had been dinked and one of the prongs was misaligned. They would have to send it in the their corporate jeweler for a new center stone and setting and I probably wouldn't have it back for 6-8 weeks. :( Sad Day!

The kids were getting super ansy at the mall so we went off to the kid play section while I wallowed about my poor ring.

After a super long day at the mall and shopping, Bentley came and cuddled with me on the couch. I love these little moments.
 That Saturday we decided to go hang out with Kyle while he waited for the Choir to perform so we could follow him back to Holbrook. On our way out to ASU where All-State was being held My Mom and I needed a few things at Sam's Club so we car-pooled into town so that my Mom could go back home without me having to go all the way back to their house to drop her off. We almost get to Sam's and my Mom realized that we had forgotten the boot covers for Fiddler On the Roof that she had made (more on the musical later) :). She turned around and headed back while we headed into the store. 

I had been in the store about 10 minutes and I was just walking around the clothes to see if I could find any cute summer clothes for Bentley. Bentley kept trying to open my wallet and play with my mom and throw my keys on the ground and I was kind of getting to the end of my rope with him. I had put my keys, wallet, and phone in the kid seat next to Bentley and he picked them all up and threw them on the ground and then started yelling "Phone!". My wallet opened up and everything went everywhere. Like any Saturday, Sam's was packed and now my cards and random wallet stuff was all over the floor. I scooped everything up and threw it all in the diaper bag in the basket and told Bentley that No he could absolutely NOT have my phone after throwing all my stuff on the ground.

I started walking along the books trying to waste time until my Mom came back. I went to open the diaper bag to get my phone to call my Mom and see where she was when I realized I didn't pick up my phone from the floor. I took everything out of my diaper bag just to make sure and there was no phone. I hurried back over to where Bentley threw my stuff and still, no phone. I kind of started panicing. As a lady passed me I asked her if she would use her phone to call mine and see if I phone rang anywhere in my bag. No ring, no phone. I walked around the books and the clothes at least 3 times before I started crying. I had no idea how to get ahold of anybody, didn't know how to get to where Kyle was, and I could NOT afford a new, out of contract iPhone.

At this point I'm walking around aimlessly looking for my phone and trying to keep all three kids in the cart. I was so angry that when Bentley yelled "Phone" I didn't look for it right away. I bumped into a Sam's employee and asked if they would keep an eye out for my phone and let the other associates know. What felt like an hour went by and I still didn't have my phone. I really needed to go, my Mom wasn't back, and I didn't want to leave without my phone! I was walking threw the clothes for probably the 30th time when one of my old Young Women's leaders came into the aisle. She was super excited to see me and asked how I was doing and I started crying. I told her what happened and asked her if I could use her phone to call my mom and my husband. My mom was around the corner and would be there in a few minutes and Kyle told me that he was really sorry and that we would "figure it out". How were we going to "figure out" where my phone was?! IT'S GONE!

I was convinced some mean person stole it. I was so mad and so sad. I had set up Find My Phone on it, but I had turned off my Data because the kids had turned off my WiFi and my Data was almost gone. He couldn't turn on the beeper for it and we couldn't see where it was on the map until someone turned on the Data. He set it up to where it was locked and if anyone turned on the data it would tell them who to call and lock it so where they couldn't have access anymore.

I asked the Sam's Club employees another 10-15 times whether or not they had found the phone and we decided we weren't doing any good anymore and I just needed to get on the road. If someone found it they had all the resources to get it back to me. It was so hard leaving Sam's Club without my phone! Not only did I have to give my ring up for more than a month, but not I didn't have a phone. It sounds so ridiculous now, but I was so sad!

Off the ASU we went. Here is the amazing Choir. Look at the all those kids!
 While the band and orchestra were playing we hung outside with Kyle and one of his former students Tyler Foree. It was fun to sit and relax a little bit after the whole Sam's Club crying ordeal. There was this cool tree that the kids kept playing on and Bentley found himself a cute seat in it. While he was sitting here Macy told us that "He is just so cute!"

About 2 hours had passed since I lost/someone stole my phone and I still hadn't heard anything. Kyle's phone only had about 5% battery life left and I was certain that I was going to have to go on eBay and buy some stupid flip phone and just be old school again for another 2 years when I could get a new one. I was holding Kyle's phone hoping that someone would call it when all that hoping paid off and it rang. Even better it said "My Hot Wife" as the caller!! (That's me by the way). I was SO excited!! It was my Mom on the other line! Apparently when Bentley threw all my stuff, my phone landed in a lady's cart. She picked up the phone thinking it was her niece's phone that had fallen out of her purse or something and didn't think anything of it. When she got home she walked into her house and say her niece already talking on her cell phone. Uh-oh. She found "Mom" in my phone and they worked out a way to get the phone back to me.

I can't even explain how relieved and happy I was!! Yay! My awesome parents even went and met the lady and drove to ASU to deliver my phone. What an eventful trip it was!

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