Friday, March 7, 2014

Playdoh Win, Be Mine Loss

Like most preschoolers and toddlers- these kiddos love to play with playdoh. We have a love and hate relationship -playdoh and I-. It keeps the kids busy for quite awhile, but I'm never a fan of the leftover tid bits on my kitchen floor. The good stuff can be fairly expensive too since it only takes one time of playing with it to have it mixed with another color- and my OCD just can't handle mixing colors. I'm not one to try a lot of new things with home creations, I'm a creature of habit... unless my Mom is there... but with playdoh I stepped out of my comfort zone and made some of my own. It was surprisingly easy and since I only made one color- it won't turn into one big blob of brown! 

The pink homemade playdoh was a hit and solved most of my issues (mainly the brown blob mixing of colors issue). When some one comes with with a solution to the playdoh all over the floor let me know. 

Gotta love the aftermath of a good playing session. I should add- 10 seconds after this photo was takin' I asked them to keep the playdoh on the counter and not on the mantel. That was followed by two little "whhhhyyyy??"'s... "Because you're going to accidentally knock something off and break it". They were super obedient and got the dough off. Sadly that cute "Be Mine" was amongst the casualties of cleaning it off the mantel. 

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