Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Back in October I was called to be the 2nd Counselor in the Stake Primary Presidency. This called has been such a new experience for me. I have been in presidencies as a Young Women, but never as an adult- and it's not easy! With being 2nd counselor, my duties mainly with the Cub Scouting program. Luckily, our wards take up the brunt of the work and I really am there for support and information. I went and supported the Holbrook Wards at their pinewood derby and was super glad I did.

The ladies that organized it (Tracy Reidhead and Leslie Laird) had nachos and finger foods and everyone AND the nursery had babysitters and a movie going on to make it easier for those adults that had little ones running around. They did a terrific job! They had a pretty good turn out (at least for us) and the boys seemed to have a lot of fun too. 

Like any Pinewood Derby, we had lots of boys trying to get super close to that track. The food helped with keeping them distracted though :)
 They invited the YW to also help serve food, they were good little helpers. 
 Kaleb (Kathleen and Davids son) had a car in the derby so their family was there to cheer him on. Ashley and Macy.
 Grandma and London
 Brother Laird was our officially start man. 
 Dwayne Hawk was in charge of inputting all the places into the computer. He was super happy about it.
 Kreslie Hawk (Petrified Forest Wards Primary President) helped relay the results from Sister Laird to Dwayne.
We had such a great time! It got me excited for when we will be doing that with Bentley. We got plenty of time though :)

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