Saturday, September 7, 2013

London's 3rd Birthday!

London turned 3! This post is so bitter sweet to me because I lost all but 2 pictures from her party :( London didn't really give me anything when it came to what kind of cake and party she wanted so I decided we would do a Ice Cream party. London loves Ice Cream so it fit pretty well with her. I saw a super cute tutorial on Pinterest where you use ice cream cones and put cup cake batter in there to make a cup cake ice cream cone. My first try is what we would call a "Pinterest Fail".

I had been a big procrastinator and started working on this the morning of her party so I was going to call it quits and just make a boring cake, but I just couldn't do that. I found the only other package of ice cream cones at Dollar General (Safeway and Family Dollar were out) and tried again. This time I only put 2 tablespoons of batter in each cone instead of 3 tablespoons and it turned out MUCH better.

All the kids thoroughly enjoyed the Cup Cake Cones. Sadly I would put a couple super cute pictures here of the kids all eating them, but I lost them :( There was even a super cute one of Bentley with cake smothered all over his face with the cone in his hand.

We had just a little party with The Millers, The Larsons, The Meeks, and Grandma Gardner. We had some pink punch that tasted really bad- I'm sorry for anyone that drank it before I did. I took one sip and dumped it out, not sure what went wrong there but something did. We had cute pink cups, plates, plastic ware, and napkins. Everything looked super cute on the table but pretty simple. We sang, ate cake, and London opened some awesome presents. She got water table for outside,  a tutu and some leggings, a fairy necklace, some fairy dolls, a ballerina Barbie, and a Cupcake Game that the girls still play with all the time. After presents we went over to the park to let the kids burn off some energy. We got some really cute pictures of Kyle tossing Bentley up in the air, the girls swinging, and more of the kids just playing. I'm so sad that I can't find them :( 

London is a sweet and shy little girl. It takes her awhile to warm up to you so once she does it's pretty awesome. She has the sweetest little voice and knows how to use it. She's full of sass and is definitely going to give us a run for our money as a teenager. She has the cutest little face- we just love the girl. Here are some pictures from her 3rd year!

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