Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Camping 2013

As per tradition, we got together as a family and went Labor Day camping! This year was extra special and we had a bunch of my cousins join us. There were 18 kids with us, all of them 8 and under! It was cray-cray. The kids all played so well together and it was a blast to all have them there. Joining us were My parents, Grandma and Grandpa Bochat, Aunt Steph and Uncle David came up from a few hours, Uncle Greg and Aunt Janet, Jennifer and her 4 kids, John Rocky & Sarah and their 4 kids, Chris &Kati and their 5 kids, Steven and Jack, and Melissa. It was a super fun bunch!

The first night was pretty cold. Bentley didn't go very well at all. Kyle put him in his carseat and drove him around all night. Literally. There was one point I went into my parents trailer and used her phone (mine was dead) to call him because I was worried they had gotten lost or attacked by a bear or something. Poor kid was also cutting his top 2 teeth and luckily they came through the next morning so we got our happy Bentley back. 

We did a lot of hanging out. My mom brought a swing for the kids and they pretty much played on that all day. They kept taking turns swinging and the parents kept taking turns pushing.
 This is such a cute picture of John and Sarah's little girl.

Kyle took the kids for a walk early one morning so I could sleep in. Love that man of mine :)

 The kids can always get Grandpa to take them where ever they want to go.

 After their  little hike and came back and told us they found some "sitting trees" and were super excited. We figured they were tree stumps... nope- real life "sitting trees".

We had our Horseshoe Competition this year and Macy got to hand the trophy over to the new reigning champ, Travis! I didn't get any pictures, but I'll grab some of Kati's blog when she posts them :)

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