Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is here!!

I hate winter. It's a known fact around these parts that Alli Gardner does not, in any way-shape-or-form, like winter. It's cold and miserable.

My dislike for winter is what probably makes me so excited that today is officially the first day of SPRING! Yay!!

There is just something about Spring that is just wonderful, it's full of new possibilities!
I feel so motivated to just do everything. It might just be nesting getting to me a little early, but between Spring and Summer, I have some big plans.

First on the list... a tan. I miss having a tan. It's probably been about 4 years since I've had a nice golden glow to white skin, and let me tell ya, I. am. WHITE.

The pool. It's no secret that I love the pool, and with Macy being 3- I think it's time her and I really worked on swimming. I hear the pool has a cheap family pass, and I might just do that this year. The pool is about a 3 minute walk from our house and I could really work on number 1 there.

Our Yards! I've talked a lot on facebook about our backyard, and front yard. With a non-existant lawn in the back, and a "being revived" yard in the front, I'm excited to get them started again. It seems like just when the lawn starts looking good it gets cold again, so I'm excited to start working on it early this year so we can have a pretty lawn for longer. Since our sprinkler  system is finally fixed and we have water in our front yard again, I'm going to plant flowers this year! It will add so much to the front!

I can't even describe this feeling that I just want to get started. Kyle is currently not feeling to hot, so he's probably going to read this and already feel more tired, because lets face it- he's probably going to be the one working on the yards while I take Macy to the pool or work on my flowers- a pregnant woman and a 3 year old usually do more harm then good when it comes to manual labor. I sure am lucky to have a guy that will take my crazy ideas and make them happen though, even if I'm not much help.

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Cj-Sg said...

I love that you still blog. I'm just looking through my old blog to see who actually does and you do! love it1