Monday, March 12, 2012

Move your body!

Since this is my 3rd pregnancy, I decided to switch it up a little it and do some experimenting. With Macy and London I didn't really exercise on a daily basis. I walked when I remembered and swam some with London, but nothing consistant. After London was born I got into running and I really would like to run a half-marathon after this little boy is born, but I don't want to completely start over from the beginning. Which leads me to why I'm posting this post :) I decided last week that I am doing to do my pregnancy workout video every day until little one comes. Of course there will be days I can't (when we're not home) but for the most part- it will be every day.

My only worry through all of this is that Macy and London wouldn't really let me. Between "she stole my book" "I need a drink of water" and London doing whatever she's gonna do, it almost seems like an impossible task to get through a whole video (40 minutes) without the girls needing something. Last week we did really well and the girls actual did the video with me. It was really cute to watch them sway their hips and do all the stretches.
Not so much.
I think I paused the video about 5 times because I was missing way too much.
What was supposed to be 40 minutes turned into about an hour and 10.
Hopefully the Lord will just bless my efforts right?
Better luck tomorrow I suppose!

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Whitney said...

It's super frustrating trying to get a workout in with the kids. Cashen tries to crawl between my legs when I try to work out. I sure do hope we'll get blessed for our efforts.