Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Every year Kyle's brother and his wife put on an awesome Christmas Party. Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year they decided it would probably be best to party it up on Christmas Eve. We all go to their house, have lots of yummy Mexican Food, do pin the button on the snow, break open a pinata, and play some games. 
 London did pretty well with the button, she was a little low but since she's only 1 we'll give her some credit. 

 Macy did a really good job with the button and she was lucky enough to get a present from the snowman (a.k.a. Grandma Gardner). 
 The pinata is always a hit (no pun intended) :) It's always fun to watch toddlers try and hit a swinging object with a baseball bat. Watch out everyone Justin's got a great arm! 
 After the little kids get a couple turns we had the bat over to one of the teenagers and let them wack it. Macy was SO excited that there was candy all over the floor. She would run around pumping her hands going WOO-HOO WOO-HOO as the rest of the kids were snatching the candy up. 
 She got plenty of candy though, and the best part? The leg. Macy got her very own bulls leg. Best. Christmas. Ever.

After the kids were well worn out, we went home and did another tradition- opening the P.J.'s. Macy was so funny opening presents. This girl loves surprises, so while she was opening the present she would close her eyes, then when it was all the way open she would open her eyes and yell "SURPRISE!" 

The little girls in their PJ's. Too cute.
We had an awesome Christmas Eve at the Gardners. I think this year was extra special for us because we got to spend Christmas with both families- at the SAME TIME! Kyle's family is awesome, and my family is awesome, so we decided to mix the awesomeness and invite my parents and Derek up to have Christmas with us in Holbrook. I'm so glad they came and I think we all had a lot of fun. 

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