Monday, May 9, 2011


In my facebook feed these two stories were posted.

This one...
and this one

They were both about death.
One was from the eyes of a husband who unexpectedly lost his wife and premature baby.
One from a man that had terminal cancer and knew he was going to die.
They both have the realizations that things will be different and life will move on.
They both share their grief of not being able to be with their loved ones for the rest of this lifetime.

One knows that he will be with his wife again for eternity, and the other thinks he will cease to be.
As I read these two stories the spirit bore testament to me that death isn't the end of the road, it's only the beginning of eternity.
I have a testimony that there is life after death, and that our loved ones will be waiting there for us with open arms.

I wish I could see both husbands faces when they see their loved ones on the other side. One in pure joy that he will finally be with his sweet wife and daughter again, and the other in realization that his life is very much not over.

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