Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Summer

I'll be honest, last summer was not busy. We were lazy. Mostly because I was sick and couldn't get off the couch or I would end up losing anything I had eaten. This summer is so the exact opposite of last summer. I wasn't too busy to blog, I hate when people us that excuse (too busy to blog, but not too busy to play on facebook or watch t.v. :), cracks me up every time some one says that). I just didn't. Just to sum up some of the big adventures this summer.

Trip to Buckeye
Dug Sprinkler System
Trip to Buckeye
DJ Jobs
Scout Camp
12 credits for summer school
Jersey Boys
Ultimate Frisbee
Got a dog
Trip to Buckeye :)
Doctors Appointment
Got rid of a dog
Mom came up for 4th of July
Learning to maintain my Saltwater Tank
Youth Conference
Car shopping
Helped pack a house
Got harassed by a car salesman
Watched Macy grow!
More car shopping

Compared to last summer that consisted of... Dawson's Creek and The OC... I think we did a lot better on our productiveness.

I thought this picture was quite appropriate for a summer post :) Macy trying her FIRST Popsicle. She loved it. She would keep her mouth open so Kyle could rub it on her tongue.

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