Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's summer time!

I don't know where my camera is--maybe in the car or in the diaper bag, but I'm too lazy right now to really go look for it-- so this will probably be one of those posts that you'll only read if you're really bored :)

It's been so long since I really updated I don't even know where to start! May. I'll start there! I finished my 3rd to last (I like the way that sounds) semester at NAU in May, with what I was HOPING to be a 4.0... but nope. One of my classes I got a B. Dangit. Oh well. a 3.75 isn't bad either. Better luck this summer :) My little brother graduated High School, so that was a big deal. It sprinkled on us the entire time. Macy was pretty good though, she usually does really well at activities where they are new things to look at and such. Derek (my little brother, same one that graduated) also turned 18! Yeah- big month for him. We weren't planning on going to his birthday party because it would mean we were going down to the valley 4 weekends in a row, but we decided the morning of to go. It was really fun- all the kids were there and we just hung out.

June! Hey- that's this month. Hm. We've done a lot it feels like, but I can't really think of anything lol! I've cleaned the house a bajillion times. I don't know how it happens but between Kyle, Macy, and me, we make a mess! Kyle has done a lot with his DJ business, we've gotten about 6 calls in 2 weeks, so that's really good. I planted flowers! And their growing! lol. Well- the plants are growing, no flowers yet. Hopefully those with come soon. I know green is a pretty color, but I would like to have some colorful flowers pop up! The weather has been gorgous, big beautiful white fluffy clouds, not too hot but not too cold, in the 80's during the day. It's awesome!

This past weekend was spent in Buckeye/Tucson. It was Brelee's (Chris and Kati's daughter) blessing so we went down to witness and enjoy the company. I love how the two in-law families get along so well. It's fun to get together with them, they are a wonderful family!

Macy girl just isn't the same baby we brought home from the hospital- they change so quickly. I don't think you really realize how quickly they change until you have your own. She tried pears yesterday, that was so comical. She would stick her tongue out like- yuck! Get this off my tongue, I'm not putting that in my mouth! lol. It was so adorable. She is starting to sit up all by herself for longer than a minute! Well- we put her sitting and she stays like that ha ha. I can't even believe it. She will be 5 months in 3 days!! Wow. It's been 5 months since we brought her home. That's amazing!

Our house is still wonderful. Gosh I haven't even posted pictures of the house yet have I?! I'm terrible- sorry! My mom is visiting right now and painted Macy's bedroom sooo cute! We already had two walls light pink and two walls tan, but she put 3 big flowers on the pink walls with a butterfly. Gosh it looks soo cute! I'll try and remember to post pictures tomorrow because it really does look adorable. Love it!

I hope everyone is having an awesome summer! Ours is FAR better than last summer, I was throwing up 10 times a day around this time last year, so this is a nice change of pace.

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