Sunday, June 28, 2009

It works!

Kyle has been busy the past 2 weeks- well, the days when we were home- working on the sprinkler system. It works! Cool huh?! We were shocked too :) We brought Macy out one day and let her play on a blanket in the grass, the next thing we looked over and she was laying down sleeping...
Now it's all covered up but there is still no grass where we dug up... but I'm really excited that we're gonna have a nice lawn now! Every other house on our street is really green with nice laws and then.. theirs ours... but not anymore! :)


Kathy said...

woohoo for grass!!! Good job Kyle!

Kay said...

Don't let my dad's lawn intimidate you, he has his masters degree in green lawns! I'm glad to see someone finally living in that house, it's been empty so much.

Macy is sure a cutie! :)