Tuesday, June 28, 2016


With the new baby girl being due date the end of June we figured we needed to keep June super busy to keep me entertained and my mind off having a baby. We did pretty good at doing something fun everyday. I'll go through the highlights :)

On the anniversary of when Kyle's Dad passed away (June 6th), we went over to the cemetery and cleaned up his headstone and talked to the kids a little about Grandpa. The kids had a lot of questions and it's a hard thing to explain to them. Afterward we went over to Marie's house and had her tell the kids some stories about Grandpa. 

The kids were very used to being busy all day at school and starting asking us every day if we could go somewhere. On this particular day, I was not up to doing much so Kyle took the kids over to Hunt Park and just played. The did some frisbee golf, checked out the new racquetball courts, and then finished up the morning burning some energy in the park. He is such a good dad, we love him and are lucky to have him.

We had a new missionary in our ward and we learned to really like him and his companion. They would come stop at our house a few times a week to give the kids a little message, play, and get out of the heat. I'm pretty sure they just stopped by because they knew Kyle was home and it was somewhere to get a cold drink of water. The kids really loved them and they loved to sword fight a.k.a. beat Elder Sandberg with the swords.

The kids started Swim Lessons this year and Macy and London learned SO much. Macy can now swim all of her own and I'm not so afraid of her falling into water and not being able to make it to the side. She really has come a LONG way in the last two years with swimming. London did awesome in the baby pool and swims with her head under the water and can hold her breath for a pretty long time. Once we get her in the big pool she forgets that she needs to stay horizontal and her feet sink to the bottom. She still needs a little work. Bentley. Oh Bentley. He needs a lot of work. He hung onto his lifeguard Jedee the entire time. He didn't learn much. We did spent a long of time at the baby pool outside of lessons though and he does much better on his own. He'll put his head under the water and get his face wet.

Kyle's brother Brent has been sick and in the hospital for a few months. We had some vouchers for plane tickets so we offered one to Marie and Kyle took the other to go visit him and his family. They had a great visit and got in some broadway shows. I keep telling Kyle he needs to get on here and do his own posts (for Mary Poppins and his trip to New York)- we'll see if he does :) Before he left Macy insisted that she take a picture of him. I think she got a good one :) My Mom came up and stayed with me while he was gone. With being 37 weeks ago it made me nervous to be alone. While she was here we redid the girls closet shelves and finally made somewhere for the baby's clothes to go. He got home on Father's Day this year and enjoyed the yummy peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes that I made for him and the ward. They were the first "fancy" cupcakes I've made and I think they turned out pretty good!

Like two years ago we took the kids on a hike in the mountains behind our house and London has been asking us ever since to take her on another one. I was 38 weeks pregnant by this time and definitely not about to go hike a mountain, so Kyle took them on his lonesome. I got worried after an hour of them being gone, but they decided to hike up the mountains, through Maverik for a treat, hit a geocache, and then to Grandma's house where I picked them up. Kyle said the kids did great and he never had to carry them.

That night the kids had their last tball game. It's been fun watching them and how far they went during the season. Bentley still had a little trouble hitting the ball (the t was too tall), but the girls did really well! Macy will be plenty ready for coach pitch next year. They went from never hitting or catching the ball to always hitting the ball and most of the time being able to catch it :)

As it got closer and closer to my due date we started to spend more time at home, I was getting more uncomfortable and tired. The girls pulled out all their My Little Pony's one day and prettied them all up. They are one of the toys that have been super popular at our house and our collection just keeps getting bigger!

I had my 39 week appoint on June 27th and I was a little more effaced and a tad more dilated. Dr. Izenberg asked me if I wanted to wait another week or if I wanted to schedule something, so we scheduled something. He asked "how Wednesday sounded" and I told him "it sounds great. Tuesday sounds even better." :) He was on call for Wednesday so we scheduled an induction with the hospital and called to let my mom know! She came up the next day. We got all the final touches ready for baby (like washing blankets, buying diapers, you know- those things) :) and the took the kids to see Finding Dory for our last night as a family of 5!

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