Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Disney Day 3

After a super adventurous first day at California Adventure, the kids were so excited to go to actual DISNEYLAND. With all their Disney Jr. and Pixar characters, California Adventure still felt like Disneyland- but I was excited to take them to the real thing. We started out with an awesome Breakfast with the Characters (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!) and it was such a cool experience. There were SO many characters and the breakfast was awesome. 

Captain Hook was a pretty funny guy- he had to use his hook to hold the kids books down. Eeyore was probably the favorite- he was so sweet with his bashfulness. I don't know how we missed a picture with the Fairy Godmother, but we loved her too! She was so sweet. Grandpa Carbonneau might have that picture- I'll have to ask!

We tried to make some plans about what rides and fast passes to do next and ventured off to get some fast passes for Splash Mountain and then hit a different ride, but with a 10 minute wait we decided to go on it. Bentley and I couldn't go on so we decided to stay back and at the last minute Macy decided she was too scared and she was going to go on rides with us. The two kids and I went on the Winnie-The-Pooh ride and then sat and waited for the others. Macy was SO mad that we went on one ride and then had to sit and wait. She thought we were going to go on a bunch of rides while they went on their one and was VERY grumpy with me. When they got off the ride she was basically in tears and had to have a good heart to heart with Dad before this turned into a big thing. She didn't love that we went on Winnie-The-Pooh AGAIN (for the others in our group that didn't go yet) but it helped her decide she was just going to go on the big rides with London. London LOVED Splash Mountain and was so happy that she decided to go. 
We figured with little kids we would spend a lot of time in Toon Town and Fantasy Land- and Toon Town gets CROWDED fast, so we went over there. The line for It's a Small World was only 10 minutes so we jumped in there. On Kyle's school trips we have a late policy for meeting times- for every minute that you're late, you have to ride It's a Small World. If you are two minutes late, you have to ride twice- if you're 10 minutes late you ride it 10 times in a row. The first year we didn't have a single kid late- ever! The year, we had a few kids like 3 minutes late and they learned their lesson with that. As they ran up the whole group would sing "It's a Small World After all...." We had to get a selfie with the ride and let everyone know we were just going on it for fun- we weren't late for anything :) 

I love this picture that Kyle got of the two kiddos- pure Disney aw :) 

Next up- Toon Town! The kids were having tons of fun just playing in the houses and cars but really quit decided they wanted to just go on more rides- I was so proud. What's Disney without the rides?! The hit the Roger Rabbit Ride and then over to the Go-Gadget Rollercoaster. We were SO excited that Bentley go actually go on that one. I stepped to the side and Bentley went with Kyle and then London rode- they all loved the little coaster.

We asked the kids whether or not they wanted to go hit some more houses (Mickey, Minnie) or go on rides and they picked rides- so off we went! We saw the Storybook Land ride wasn't very long so we went on that. What a deceiving little line that is. It makes you think about 10 times they you're almost there but NOPE. We waited in line for probably 30 minutes and thought it would only be a few. The girls got to be the "whale watchers" and sit on the very front of the boat- they loved it.

We had some fast passes for the Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters and my parents had some for Space Mountain that we needed to use and off to Tomorrow Land we went. The kids LOVED Astro Blasters- of course. It's my favorite :) So fun!
By this time it was about noon and HOT outside. Ice cream for lunch it was! We needed to wait for Grandma and Grandpa and my hands were getting SWOLLEN. The ice cream was SO yummy and I'm really grateful we asked for cups AND cones. Most of out ice cream would have landed on the floor had we not had the cups, it got drippy pretty fast. Macy kept complaining that he legs were hot and I'm sure they were, it was pretty hot outside. The kids found the little shade they could.

After ice cream and getting back in touch with Grandma and Grandpa, we went over to Fantasy Land where we stayed most of the rest of the day. We hit the carousel (even ME! But there doesn't need to be photo documentation of that and my big ol' pregnant belly) and pretty much every single ride in Fantasy Land. Somewhere in there Grandma, Kyle, London, and Macy went on Star Tours while Bentley, Grandpa, and I went on Peter Pan and another ride, but we went on them again with the girls.

All day long we were also searching for our Easter Eggs to put stickers on the chart. The kids really loved this part of the trip and were always so excited to put their stickers on the eggs. Kyle got an especially cute picture of London and Grandma skipping while they looked for eggs. Too cute!

We finally found a ride that our whole family fit on! Alice in Wonderland! That was pretty exciting!

Kyle had a brilliant idea with souvenirs- if the kids ever said "I want this!" then we took a picture. After the whole trip we flipped through the pictures and the kids told me what they wanted. Then at the end of the day Kyle took the kids back to the hotel and I went and bought the one thing they decided they wanted. Poor London would have come home with these ADORABLE ears if I would've let her. I couldn't spent $30 (!!!!) on pink sparkly Minnie Ears that she would probably want to wear the church every Sunday. I wanted her to get something she could actually play with (and under $20!!) She did look stinkin' cute in them though, and they were TOTALLY London ears.
A must at Disney is the teacups- I took one for the team and sat out for pictures but the kids and Kyle sure had fun!

The sun started going down and boy was I grateful- it was such a hot day. We finished up Fantasy Land with trying to pull the sword out of the stone and then went over to the Finding Nemo ride in Tomorrow Land. Bentley didn't last long after the sun set. He was TIRED. The girls LOVED Finding Nemo and kept asking me if we were really in the ocean. A shark would come and they would squeal and get nervous. Disney is so fun with kids. As the carts of glowing things came out my Mom pulled out these super cool twirling toys for the kids. They were a huge hit and our kids still play with them to this day. I really wanted the kids to go on Pirates of the Carribean so Kyle and sleeping Bentley went and found a spot for the parade (he found an AWESOME bench!) and we all went on the Pirates. They kept asking me if we were inside or outside- Macy was so confused "I see a house and stars and lights, but Mom- we went inside a building! Are we inside or outside?!" I'm the worst liar but would not kill the magic so I just kept saying "It's cool huh?!" and "Whatever you think we are, we are!" :) 

After Pirates we found Kyle just in time to sit down for the coolest light parade I've ever seen. I'm not one for taking pictures of parades, but this was seriously cool. In maters truck were thousands of light bulbs that danced to their music- they were AMAZING. Little Mermaid was pretty cool too- they were all SO cool!

My Mom and Dad and I went and did the souvenir shopping while Kyle took the kids back to the hotel- he is such a smart guy, that saved so much time by not taking the kids/stroller through all the stores. My parents have Year-Passes to Disney so we got to use their discount for buying all the things- awesome! I got a Disney zip-up hoodie, Bentley got Big Hero 6 toys, London got a super cute baby Ariel, and Macy got a Anna and Elsa doll that pretty much became a failure- but more on that in a minute. My parents had parked in the parking lot (free with their season pass!), we made a quick stop to Subway, and then dropped me off at our hotel. Kyle and I watched some Jimmy Fallon while eating our midnight subs and then off to sleep we went!

We hopped the kids would sleep in the next morning and luckily we got to sleep till around 7 and then they were bright eyed and bushy tailed. We passed out the kids toys and got two YAYs and one Nay. Apparently Macy wanted the Elsa with JUST the Elsa- but I got the Elsa with Anna. They come with different pieces apparently. She made such a fit about it I really wanted to give the toy to London and just tell Macy "now you don't get anything." but I really wanted her to have something to take home from Disney. We needed to go to the Downtown Disney Easter Egg Hunt anyway, so we met up with my parents and took back Macy's toy and let her pick a new one. She walked away with a package of the fairies from the Tinkerbell movies. We went into the Lego store and Kyle found his souvenir- a big lego set! It was like $30 off and he was super excited for it. The kids played with the legos for a bit and got a little surprise from the lego worker- some legos to take home! While my Mom and get went and got the last of the eggs Kyle, my dad, and the kids put together their little lego sets.

I am so happy that we got to take our kids to Disneyland and let them enjoy it. It really is such a magical place and we love going. It's family friendly, clean, entertaining, and there is never nothing to do. I'm so glad that my parents were able to come and that the kids got to have them there to experience it with. It was a huge help to have others to go on rides with and extra sets of hands and eyes. Thank you for coming with us!

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