Saturday, September 26, 2015

Homecoming Week!

Homecoming is a small town pretty much takes up the whole week! The funnest part about Homecoming? Spirit days! It's a little tricky with London and Bentley's school on a different spirit schedule then Macy- but we make it work. We combined their "crazy hair day" and "twin day" the first day. London really really wanted to be twins with Macy and found these two shirts all on her own. She also found Macy the right pants to wear and decided that tennis shoes would be best because they both have those. Macy kept saying "Mom- we don't even do to the same school. No one is even going to know." But London knew- and she was loving it. I'll have to admit- I explained to London why her hair was a little crazy, she just laughed and told London how much she loved. it.

The next day was Macy's PJ day and London and Bentley had mismatch day. London is pro at styling herself- even though it doesn't "match" she still just looks adorable. Macy was a little nervous about how I was going to do her hair for PJ day. "I want it to kind of look like I'm going to bed, but still pretty. I don't wan messy hair." We came up with braided pony tails. Bentley was easy- I just told him to pick some clothes. He did a great job at not matching :)
The biggest most excited part of Homecoming week?! The homecoming parade! I've kind of made it a little tradition that we pick up happy meals and have a little picnic at the park right before the parade. The kids love the whole afternoon. Kyle's choirs didn't do a float this year (all his kids were already on other floats) so he got to enjoy the parade with us. It came in handy too- these two kids got candy from everyone that walked by. They had way too much. I was tired of them constantly asking for candy, so I just gave them their bags a few days later and said "go for it". I'm pretty sure Bentley had 12 suckers in one night. At least it was out of the way though!

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