Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kinder Spring Concert

Macy had her preschool program and they are so fun to watch. The theme was being a good sport and they needed to all dress up in sports attire. As I was rummaging through Macy's clothes I realized that we had lots of dance attire, but nothing really "sporty".  I text Kathleen and she sent over some of Kalebs more sporty shirts. We went for a "run, jump, fly" shirt, traded her every day boots for some tennis shoes and through a head band on and called it good. Macy was in the back row this time right next to Baler Reidhead and those two had no idea they were in front of a whole auditorium of people watching them. They talked and giggled the entire time they were up there. After the program I asked Macy what they were talking about and she said they were talking about how fun it would be to swing on all the stuff hanging from the ceiling. At one point they were nose to nose trying to decided who was taller. Maybe next year I'll let her know you're really supposed to sing and do the choreography (which by the way, her music teacher said she pretty much came up with all the dance moves for the kindergartners), but for now I'll just let her giggle with her friend in the back.

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