Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday!

Macy girl is 5 years old! I can't believe we have been parents for 5 years. It seems like an eternity ago and yet it feels like yesterday that we came home from the hospital with this girl. Macy has always acted older then she really was. She was an early talker (full sentences at 20 months) and has always seemed to be able to read what people are feeling and thinking. She is smart. Oh so smart. This past Parent Teacher Conference her teacher gave them a reading test and told us her results. Out of 20 questions that signal whether or not she is she ready to read she got 19. The teacher even said that was probably a fluke and it should have been 20- there are 5 sets of 4 questions that get harder as the questions go on. The question she got wrong was one of the ones at the beginning of the set, which means she should have gotten all the ones after that wrong too. She definitely came from heaven with her smarty pants because I really could be better with working with my kids with educational stuff... we spend a lot of time just playing with block, crayons, and enjoying our backyard.

She is the best big sister ever. She always has concerns about her brother and sister and always makes sure they are taken care of. London has really started to pay attention to what Bentley needs and I really think it's because Macy has taught her how to be a big sister so well. 

As special and smart as this girl is, she has been a little selfish lately. I'm sure it's normal- the natural man type of thing- but everything involved with her birthday, or anyone's birthday for that matter, has to do with what everyone else was going to get her or what she wanted. It wouldn't bother me if she didn't let it take over her world, but she really was all about herself. To combat that a little bit Kyle and I decided we were going to have a small party with only family this year. We invited over Kathleen, David, and Kaleb and Marie. She asked for a heart cake- so I delivered on that one. She loved it.

Every Sunday we have dinner at Marie's house and someone we got on the conversation of what Macy wanted for her birthday. (I'm telling you, all Macy wanted to talk about was what everyone else was going to get her). She told Kathleen she wanted soap since we didn't have any in the bathroom. So, that's what she got. Her very own soap.
 They also brought her something else... a tea set! You can never have enough tea sets.

 Grandma Carbonneau couldn't make it, but sent her a present anyway. She got a super cute fairy flash light and Applejack the Pony.
 Kyle and I got her a super cute My Little Pony Castle. The box made it look much sturdier and I spend a lot of time putting the thing back together, but the girls love that it came with Princess Cadence and her Prince Shining Armor. 
We are so glad that Macy was sent to our family. She is such a great girl and loves to learn. She always reminds us that we need to say prayers and read our scriptures. She is such a light to our family and we are glad we get to call her our own.

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