Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bentley's 1st Birthday!

I don't know how it can be possible that this adorable little boy is already a year old, but he is. 
Bentley's ONE! 
He is such a happy little boy and really can captivate a crowd. Anywhere we go he finds a buddy. He recently made friends with an older gentleman at church named Bro. Rogers and he comes and scoops up Bentley from me any chance he can get. In Young Women's both the leaders AND girls all try to get their turn in to love on him and in Kyle's classroom all the kids flock him. 
This kid is just so love-able!

Here are just a few pics of Mr. Bentley that I took. 
Kyle needs to go in and play with them in Lightroom a little bit, but I wanted to post them sooner rather then later :) Once he gets a chance I'll switch the pictures out!

With Macy's last birthday I decided we were going to start making birthdays fun around these parts. I got this awesome tutorial from Salt and Pepper Moms and knew it would be perfect for Bentley's party. I didn't realize how much cake I was actually making, and we had A LOT left over. 
I was super proud though and thought it all turned out fantastic!

Bentley Boy and Mommy

This kid was so excited about his cake! He knew what was coming. Here's a little picture sequence of Bentley enjoying it. I love in this picture that you can see his cute little bottom front teeth. They are the only ones he's had- and he's only had them for about a month. 

We had lots of friends over for the party! There were the Larsons, the Millers, David & Kathleen, Grandma Gardner, and Brian. Kyle's Mom was in charge of the ice cream and boy did she deliver! We had more then enough cake and ice cream for everyone.

 Next came the presents! Bentley wasn't too into it....

After about one present he was out.
 So we just let the girls open the rest.

Bentley is such a joy to have in our family. He always has a smile on his face and is the most low-maintence kid we've had yet. He is walking like crazy. Everywhere. If he falls down in the middle of the room he'll crawl to the closest this to help pull himself up, but he's pretty much a walker. He is done with baby food, won't even toy with eating it. He loves cheese crisps, PB & J sandwich, and biscuits and gravy. We recently got him one of the snack cups and loves to carry it around with cereal. He's been getting better at the cup lately instead of a bottle ,but I could probably do a better job of letting him drink out of it. He says "Mom" all the time and can say Dada. He knows the sign for more- and again, I should probably be better at teaching him more signing. He still loves his sisters, when they aren't dragging him around or carrying him out of their room. He loves to play outside and will play out there as long as I will let him. Hopefully we can get some grass out there in the next 2 weeks (that's the plan anyway) so that he won't get so dang dirty, but seeing this happy kid in the dirt is worth some extra laundry. Bentley's personality is blossoming more and more every day and I love getting to see this guy learn new things. Here's to lots more birthdays to come!

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Meghan Carbonneau said...

First of all, I love your shirt! Second, I thought it Bentley's gifts were funny (at least the ones you showed) because your mom got Jack that same little helicopter and then we got Jack the little set of Caterpillar tractors :)