Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

We had quite the festivities this year for Halloween. First we had the "Fall Into Fun" Family Festival on Saturday, Tuesday was Trunk or Treat, and Wednesday was preschool Halloween party and actual Trick of Treating. 

A little history on the festival: On our way to the valley to Derek's farewell in the middle of September Kyle and I were talking about how there wasn't much cheap fun stuff to do in Holbrook (not much fun in general, but what there IS to do usually costs lots of money) and we decided we should put something fun on. We got together with a couple other people in town and planeed an event. We got money donated from the chamber of commerce and just kind of went to town. We had 15 different carnival games that were 25 cents each, pumpkin painting, pumpkin carving, and a costume contest. There were tons of people there and it was an awesome first year for the event. 

Macy wanted to be a pretty princess, not just a princess, but a pretty one. I had made her costume earlier in the week, we had gone to Walmart and she picked out the fabric all by herself and my awesome Mom sent me a pattern to follow. I followed the pattern and the dress was like 8 inches too short for Macy. My mom came up Thursday and jammed out a new dress in like a night, and mine had taken me 3 days. In my defense I did make the belt too that we didn't have to redo, which I think turned out amazing. AND hers was like 6 inches too long, but she added these adorable princess pin up things at the bottom and it turned out perfectly princessy.

London was the short end of the stick this year, she got a store bought kitty costume that Macy wore last year- but she loved it. She would crawl around and meow. She sure if a cute little kitty though isn't she?

Bentley Boy was a Mummy. I didn't have to buy a single thing to make this. Thanks to Pinterest, I just used a white onesie and sewed on some white fabric. I glued the googly eyes on, put a long sleeve white shirt underneath, added tights and socks and I think it all looks very wrapper and mummy like. 
Holidays are getting so much fun now that the girls are getting older and understand what's going on a little more. For a while Macy would notice it was dark outside and ask if we could go trick or treating :) I love these cute kids of mine.

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