Sunday, June 3, 2012


Well, I think we have officially been broken in as parents. We did the broken leg thing and now we've got stitches under our belt.

On May 6th we were at Kyle's Mom's house for Sunday dinner- I was heading to the bathroom and London wanted to follow me. I was only going to be a minute so I just shut the door behind me and figured she could just wait for me. Once I shut the door I heard her scream, not a "Mom just left me in the hall" scream but the I'm really hurt scream. I opened the door and London just fell to the ground grabbing her finger. She had gotten it pinched in the door on the hinge side. I figured she had got her finger in the door, but didn't realize how bad until I picked her up and there was blood all over her hand and my shirt. I yelled for Kyle, swept her into the bathroom and put a massive amount of paper towels around her fingers. She was wailing all over the place so Kyle and I were both trying to look at her finger to access the damage but it was kind of difficult. Kyle finally got a look and immediately said "We gotta go to the ER." We hopped in the van and off we went. I had to hold onto London's finger/paper towel wrap or it would bleed everywhere so London just sat on my lap the way there. I think her defense mechanisms kicked in and she fell asleep on the way to the hospital. We go to Show Low to Summit Healthcare, so it's about an hour away and I think she pretty much slept the whole way there. I still hadn't seen her finger, so when I knew she was good and asleep I slowly lifted up the paper towel and immediately felt sick to my stomach, it was pretty gross and I felt so bad for her. We were definitely a sight walking into the waiting room with Kyle holding London and me holding her finger with blood all over my shirt. Once they got us checked in I ran to the bathroom (pregnant woman needed to pee over an hour and I had unborn child on my bladder and London on my lap, ya- I really had to go) and they called her in while I was still in the bathroom, so it was pretty quick that they took us back. 

London didn't like the nurses touching her one bit but we eventually got the bleeding to stop and were able to get an x-ray to make sure nothing was broken. I never actually saw her finger at the hospital, it was too gruesome for me and made me sick if I even thought about looking at it, but Kyle got a pretty good picture pre-stitches.

They did the stitches while Kyle was holding her down with help from a nurse. I couldn't stay in the room, made me sick, and it was awful hearing her scream while they did the stitches.  People kept poking their heads out of the rooms to see who was torching the poor girl and a nurse even came up and asked me if I needed anything, apparently I looked a little stressed. After they were done I went back into the room and picked her up, poor girl was exhausted and cuddled right in.
 After Macy broke her leg we had to go to Walmart to get some pain meds and a toy, so we did the same for London. She is in LOVE with baby dolls and Walmart had a super cheap and super cute baby doll just for her.  While we were waiting for the stitches and x-ray she kept asking for a "ink" (drink) and "ungy" (hungry) but the nurses told us no in case she needed surgery, so when we got to Walmart we got her a drink and some teddy grahams too. You would have never thought that 30 minutes ago she was screaming bloody murder. 
 She got a total of 4 stitches and the doctor said he probably could have done another one but decided she'd had enough. It healed up really well and just a few days later she wasn't babying it or anything. It was definitely an adventure. Since everyone tells me it's worse with boys, I guess our girls are just breakin' us in.


Carbonneau said...

well, we did two broken arms, but you beat us to the STITCHES! sorry. no fun. as for boys being worse...I was worse than all my siblings, so I think it just depends. Hopefully baby boy wont be worse, you've had enough :)

Mary Anne said...

Oh NO! That is so so sad. Still haven't had either of those things...which is shocking, quite frankly. An hour drive to the hospital would have been hard. Glad she was able to sleep for you!