Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday and a Funeral

We had a very busy weekend! Kyle needed to go down for the valley for a Music Conference, and we tagged a long with him. Kyle spent most of the weekend in Mesa for the conference, and the girls and I tagged along with my Mom and Dad. It was my Mom's 50th (!!!) birthday so we started out by meeting up with my siblings at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (YUM!), sadly we don't have a single picture, but we had a lot of good food and lots of fun. For my Mom's present from the kids Kati had the idea to get together 50 memories and put together a book of memories for her. I got on Facebook and e-mailed her family and friends and they sent memories back to me, we put them in a small scrapbook and gave them to her. She LOVED it. Kati and I couldn't find a time to get together and scrapbook them before we gave it to her, but Kati printed out pictures of everyone that participated and then that Sunday we were able to scrapbook about half of it. That just means next time we get together we'll have a little project to finish. 

Saturday was spent in Prescott with lots of family. My Great-Grandpa Randall (Macy and London's GREAT GREAT Grandpa, crazy huh?!) passed away earlier in the week so we went for his graveside service and had a BBQ with the family afterward. 

Here is everyone at the graveside service. 

The kids were getting a little restless so Kati was awesome enough to watch them while we listened to everyone talk about Grandpa and their memories of him. Don't worry- they aren't playing in the dirt on graves, this was a patch of dirt next to them :)

When I got the call that Grandpa had passed I couldn't help but be so excited for him, my Grandma passed away several years ago and he has missed her so much, and they finally get to be together again.  
 My pretty Mama, Aunt Steph, and my cousin Amber
 Here is the whole gang! It was so fun to see people that I hadn't seen in years.
That Sunday was the Super Bowl, so we all gathered at Mom and Dad's and watched the game and ate dinner. Cindy Carroll was there and snapped a few spur of the moment pictures for us. Here's everyone!

Our little family.

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