Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sister Moments

I was raised with 3 brothers. I loved having brothers- I'm a much tougher girl because of them and they are awesome. I definitely wouldn't trade them, but I never got to have someone at home to do all the "girlie" things with me. I never had a big sister to do my hair, or try and borrow her clothes, or all those other "sister" things that sisters do, and sometimes I feel a little jipped that I never got to experience that. Having girls, I finally get to experience living with girls :) I get to live with Macy's little attitude and moodiness (yes, already) and constantly changing her mind but I absolutely love my girls. They are both so sweet and sometimes just too cute for words. 

On Sundays I usually paint my toenails for church, and almost always Macy runs up and wants me to paint her toe nails too. She picks a color, I paint them, and she almost always decides she wants a different color. The first few times I humored her and changed her color, and now I just tell her she has to wait until next time. London has started to join in on our toenail painting parties and is surprisingly still when she wants her toes painted. It's adorable. 
These are the things I don't want to forget, the little fingers taking off last weeks nail polish, the girls "helping" each other file and "clip" their nails. I'm so excited that they have each other so do the "sister" things with, and I'm excited to watch as they go through their sister moments.  

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