Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disneyland 2011 Tour

This year Kyle took his students on a Disneyland Tour. We left at 10 at night on March 22nd and got to Disneyland on March 23rd around 7 or 8 in the morning, maybe earlier then that I can't really remember now :( We stopped at McDonalds and had some food and then made our way over to Disneyland where they performed their Disney On Stage set, which in my opinion was awesome. The rest of the day we played around Disneyland and California Adventure and just enjoyed being at the amusement park. It was really fun to have some kids that had never been there before and enjoy the newness through them.

The next day we did some "backstage" stuff and did a Recording Workshop and also an Audition Workshop. Everyone was really excited for the Recording Workshop because they recorded their voices and then the tech crew but it all to a Disney movie. Well, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be- it COULD have been, but I'm afraid we didn't get a very good instructor and the kids weren't really into it. The Audition Workshop however was AMAZING. The instructor was just full of energy and you couldn't help but just want to dance and be as energetic as her. You could definitely see why she worked at Disneyland. She was about 5 foot nothing but she was such a firecracker, it was awesome. That night we went and saw Wicked- which is now in my top 5 musicals (I've only ever seen 5 musicals so that's not too hard) but it was also awesome.

The next day, I think we're at the 25th now, we hung out at the parks the entire day and just enjoyed being there. It rained a bit, and one of the rides broke as we were about to get on it, but it was still fun. Kyle and I splurged a little and bought tickets for a sit down dinner at one of the restaurants in California Adventure and Preferred Seating for the CA Adventure water show World of Color- and it was really cool. I recommend doing the Preferred Seating because we really got the whole effect of the show so I'm glad that we did that. I'm not sure if we would pay to see it again, but I think it was worth it for at least once. All in all the trip was really fun and the kids had a complete blast. It was really nice to get a break from being a Mom and just hang out with Kyle. We still had 24 teenagers with us, but it was much different then having a 2 year old and a 6 month old. It was a much needed "vacation" if you can call it that!

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