Thursday, May 7, 2009

Congrats Graduates!

While I was cleaning yesterday I kept thinking about the assignment that I needed to finish that's due tonight, when all the sudden it hit me- Won't that be SO exciting when I NEVER have ANY more assignments to turn in?! No more worrying about my attendance, or if that paper I spent a week on will get an A or not... I'll be done. Finished. How I wish I was like a lot of my peers in High School right now- just waiting for that piece of paper to come in the mail that says "DONE!", that's what I think Diplomas should say... "CONGRATS! YOU'RE DONE!!". But mine won't be coming this semester... or next... :(

So I guess Congratulations to all of those who are graduating this semester, I wish I was with you! Instead, I have an entire summer of classes that start Monday and go clear till August... oh well though, such is life :) And I know I won't regret it... I might regret it if I stopped, but I won't regret it if I finish. Bring it on NAU- if they can do it, I can do it!