Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We love visitors!

Last weekend Stormy came up to see us :) It was way fun to have her here and have people over at my new house! First we went to watch the barrel races because our friend Laurie Farr was racing. It was really fun to watch the little kids do it- there was one little girl that I don't think was really used to it, her horse came running into the arena and she starting screaming (while riding it). They missed the first two barrels and went straight for the one in the back and then came running back to the front, while the little girl was screaming.. it was kinda sad, but funny :) Then we headed back to our house because Kyle's brother Keith was over and putting an entry way in one of our walls between the family room and the kitchen. I'll post pictures once it's all molded and pretty, right now it's just a rectangle hole so it's not much to look at :) Here is Macy at the fair grounds. She looks excited huh?
This past Friday-Sunday Whitney and Tyler came over to play, they were so much fun! Friday night we went out to eat the new Asian cafe here, it was really good! Kinda pricey to Holbrook standards and the serving sizes were kinda small, but the food tasted really good. Saturday we had an adult Pinewood Derby with our new ward (which I LOVE by the way, everyone is soo friendly and sincere). That was pretty fun. Then we headed over to Mr. G's, a must when you come and visit Holbrook. We came home and played games, mostly Phase 10- and got to bed around 1 :)

Macy started sleeping through the night the second night we brought her home from the hospital and lately has been waking up twice a night to eat- so we started her on cereal Monday night. She hasn't really gotten the hang of it, but here are pics to mark the occasion.
Kyle playing with Macy- He is such a good Dad.
Layin on the couch with Mommy.


Stormy said...

All this talk of Mr.G's and I've still never been! Sheesh. Next time, k? :)

Kathy said...

aawww how cute! she is getting so big!